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A horror to end the year with

My final project of 2008 entails a sixteen square feet diorama depicting the theme that I know best: horror. In a Russian World War 2 setting, a collossal alien artifact which I refer to as the Black Fantasy Column towers from the ground, spreading darkness along with an invasion of Cyclopean Virtues across the landscape, consuming the helpless soldiers. The creation contains over 20,000 pieces, including custom minifigure accessories from Brickarms, Brickforge, and MMCB.

To get the most out of the viewing experience, I recommend going through the teaser and then reading the backstory, which is historically accurate to the best of my internet research. Happy New Year and enjoy End of Days.

Download the IATTAR stats graphic here

Speaking of tracked racers, The Brothers Brick is pleased to bring you Nnenn‘s standard stats graphic for your IATTAR images. For the uninitiated, “IATTAR” stands for Interplanetary Association of Tracked & Thrust Assisted Racing.

Here’s Mike Psiaki‘s “bumbleBEE,” showing how you can incorporate the graphic into the photo of your racer:

You can download the graphic in one of two formats:


  • Please only download the image you need, just once, and only if you’re actually going to use it. Bandwidth isn’t free.
  • The Brothers Brick cannot provide technical support for these files.
  • You should be able to use Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, or similar software to add the graphic to your photo.
  • If you’ve already uploaded an IATTAR photo without the stats graphic, you can replace it.

For more IATTAR photos and discussions, check out the IATTAR group on Flickr.

Begun, the Clown War has. Nyuk nyuk!

Maybe I should’ve included this in the ApocaLEGO roundup…

Angus MacLane (Brickshelf) combines two really scary things into pure awesome — a clown-shaped tank and its clown pilot. The nose cannon is sheer genius.

By the way, those of you paying attention during the BURN-E credits probably noticed that Angus directed that great short feature on the Wall-E DVD. did a great interview with Angus last month about BURN-E, so check it out!

GO MINIMAN GO Video Contest winners announced [News]

Jesus Diaz has just announced winners in the Gizmodo GO MINIMAN GO Video Contest. Head on over to check out the top five entries, including the winning brick-flick by David Boddy:

For those of you wondering when we’ll announce winners in our own GO MINIMAN GO Photo Contest, we’re almost there! Look for an announcement here shortly. In the meantime, watch all the great videos over on Gizmodo, and peruse nearly a hundred entries in the GO MINIMAN GO Photo Contest pool on Flickr.

I’m the one holding up the judging for our contest. Unexpected travel for work, the holidays, and getting sick haven’t helped. Sorry! I’m not procrastinating, really.

ApocaLEGO roundup for December 30, 2008

I’m not sure whether it’s the uncertainty of the coming new year or all the free time builders have over the holidays, but there are just too many great ApocaLEGO creations to keep up with.

Justin Vaughn holes up in Bunker 282:

Joris Blok‘s brickwork in this diorama inspired by I Am Legend is excellent:

Kevin Fedde reaches the end of civilization: