Begun, the Clown War has. Nyuk nyuk!

Maybe I should’ve included this in the ApocaLEGO roundup…

Angus MacLane (Brickshelf) combines two really scary things into pure awesome — a clown-shaped tank and its clown pilot. The nose cannon is sheer genius.

By the way, those of you paying attention during the BURN-E credits probably noticed that Angus directed that great short feature on the Wall-E DVD. did a great interview with Angus last month about BURN-E, so check it out!

7 comments on “Begun, the Clown War has. Nyuk nyuk!

  1. Mr. Meep

    Sheesh, Angus, when I saw your LEGO WALL-E, I thought it couldn’t get any better. I was wrong.

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