Download the IATTAR stats graphic here

Speaking of tracked racers, The Brothers Brick is pleased to bring you Nnenn‘s standard stats graphic for your IATTAR images. For the uninitiated, “IATTAR” stands for Interplanetary Association of Tracked & Thrust Assisted Racing.

Here’s Mike Psiaki‘s “bumbleBEE,” showing how you can incorporate the graphic into the photo of your racer:

You can download the graphic in one of two formats:


  • Please only download the image you need, just once, and only if you’re actually going to use it. Bandwidth isn’t free.
  • The Brothers Brick cannot provide technical support for these files.
  • You should be able to use Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, or similar software to add the graphic to your photo.
  • If you’ve already uploaded an IATTAR photo without the stats graphic, you can replace it.

For more IATTAR photos and discussions, check out the IATTAR group on Flickr.