Mechanical horrors

Brian Kescenovitz presents this stunning monochromatic sci-fi horror diorama bearing the interesting title 19 Seconds to Find God. Check out the gory action and destruction in this chaotic scene, and if you’re still wondering about the title, look closely to find the bomb.

8 comments on “Mechanical horrors

  1. jgptee

    this is a stunning and beautiful display. somehow i wish there are colours, but the grey tones must give it the doom and gloom feel.

  2. Fred

    note there is a little color in there but, it’s all blood and guts. Looks like there are 19 seconds left on the clock before the last man meets his end unless the machines get him first.

  3. Dave & Stacy

    I love the feel of this MOC and the well placed gore really adds too it. It’s not overly grotesque…just bloody where it needs to be. The blood offers a great contrast to the grey giving it a more somber feel. Awesome…epic…etc. Kescenovitz FTW!

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