Monthly Archives: April 2008

Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop by Adrian Florea

It seems that everything Adrian Florea builds makes the rounds on the ‘net, and I’m sure his latest will be no different — a lovely spaceship from Cowboy Bebop called Swordfish II:

My ignorance of post-1989 anime is staggering, so I had to look up a couple reference pics, but Adrian’s rendition of this ship is perfect.

Enjoying Indian take-away with Ralph Savelsberg

I have Indian food at least two to three times a week (at least in part because the cafeterias at work regularly serve a selection of curries), and it’s the one cuisine I could eat exclusively for the rest of my life.

This wonderful English curryhouse by Ralph Savelsberg (Flickr) makes me crave baingan bharta or okra masala from Bengal Tiger:

A Taste of India on Flickr

The lettering is perfect! Ralph’s modular house would make an excellent addition to any city street.

The Tabletown Army is very green

Doctor Sinister‘s “Tabletown Army” is a formidable force, matched only by Magnus Lauglo’s armor or Ralph Savelsberg’s overwhelming air superiority.

Dr. S goes studless in his latest project — applying an unstudded sheen to the entire Tabletown Army:

Okay, that’s more adorable than formidable, but it was my favorite of the bunch. If you’re looking to defend a large recycling plant, the Vindicator may be a better option.