Bruce launches MinilandBricks [News]

Bruce of VignetteBricks and MicroBricks mentioned in our recent Claim to Fame roundup that someone should start a blog about Miniland LEGO creations.

Given that Miniland is the scale Master Builders use for the amazing cities and monuments at LEGOLAND theme parks, it only seems natural that this building scale should have its own blog.

And that’s just what Bruce has created, with MinilandBricks. Bruce says, “I’ll highlight MOCs and also great photography of the official park models.”

Incidentally, Bruce is also recruiting. If you’re interested in contributing to MicroBricks, drop him a line.

Best of luck, Bruce!

2 comments on “Bruce launches MinilandBricks [News]

  1. Fred

    I love his Microbricks blog.. didn’t even know about the others. Not certain why he breaks it all up rather than put it into a single Blog with catagories.

  2. Bruce


    Thanks for highlighting this, Andrew. Nathan Cunningham already answered the call, so welcome aboard, Nathan!
    As to why start a new blog rather vs have one big blog, that’s just not my personal vision. As much as I love Brothers-Brick and Klocki, I don’t think there’s a need for another “all things cool LEGO” blog (particularly since my interests overlap theirs so much). I personally really like blogs that have a narrow focus and completely cover that ground (e.g. Brick Town Talk, Scaled Up Bricks, or the various NXT blogs).


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