Happy Earth Day 2008!

Gary McIntire celebrates Earth Day with a little vignette illustrating the joy of recycling:

Learn more about Earth Day on Wikipedia.

11 comments on “Happy Earth Day 2008!

  1. David

    Earth day is BS. It seems people only give a damn 1 day to maybe the week of Earth Day. There are 51 other weeks that no one gives a damn about the planet.

    Luckily I see humans destroying the planet within 90-100 years, and thus we will die, but the planet can heal itself after we are all dead.

  2. RichardAM

    I’ve never heard of the holiday before, but it does seem a little pointless given, as David points out, there’s another 51 weeks where people should be recycling just as much if not more so.

    Regardless, here’s something similar I did late last year. :D

  3. Preda

    Never heard of that day before.It is kinda funny that that day was invented in a country that pollutes the world more than anyone else :D
    But I also think that it is kinda useless….

  4. Josh

    Nice little vig by Gary, there. I’m not crazy about the tubes-up dumpster lids, but the rest is nice. I really need to get some of those Scala wine bottles.

    David – So you are saying that a day of awareness is useless if it doesn’t fix the problem? Seems near-sighted to me. As for your estimate of 90-100 years, its a bit off. Total annihilation of the human race will take longer than that, unless you figure in the Zombies. Then its about a year. But maybe you would like to speed things up? If so, I will start being less environmentally conscience, just for you. :D (Josh leaves to go buy some Round-Up)

    RichardAM – Its not really a holiday. It is a day to raise awareness of environmental issues. Nice dumpster, by the way! I like it.

    Preda – Actually it depends on what list you look at. Australia is the worst per capita. The US is “only” 2nd. Also, on the lists of 10 worst polluted places in the world, I only found one that lists any US sites. That would be Hanford and New Orleans. So we’re doing pretty good, right? Right?! :)

  5. David

    Preda, China is about to become the worst very soon, go USA!!! :)

    And the day was made up by left wing freaks that said we were destroying the planet, we are, but they just lied through their teeth.

  6. Horace

    Having a day to raise awareness is better than having none.

    Anyways, I think recycling is fun too!

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