Working LEGO mousetrap

Jason Allemann unveils a working brick-built mousetrap that actually caught two mice. A mechanism shuts the gate of the cage when the mouse steps on the pressure plate, which pulls out the axle supporting the gate. Simple and brilliant.

11 comments on “Working LEGO mousetrap

  1. The Anonymous Collective

    The perfect thing for a mouse-free house (and some lego that smells like mouse urine).

  2. David

    You can get a cat for free. :-p

    And why is there no bottom? I know mice that are smart enough to flip the thing over.

  3. No one

    This doesn’t really have anything to with the mousetrap but somebody should’ve posted a mech shooting a litterer with a title of
    ” recycle or die “

  4. Jai

    I’m disappointed that there isn’t an army of Lilliputian LEGO minifigs surrounding the cage with spears (With ample use of the “screaming in fear” face). :)

  5. Sir Dano

    “If you follow the link you’ll get one photo of the trap with mouse inside.”

    My bad, too lazy to follow links.

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  7. diehardlegofan

    that is awesome. I like how you put magnets on the gate to keep the it closed.

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