11 comments on “Working LEGO mousetrap

  1. The Anonymous Collective

    The perfect thing for a mouse-free house (and some lego that smells like mouse urine).

  2. David

    You can get a cat for free. :-p

    And why is there no bottom? I know mice that are smart enough to flip the thing over.

  3. No one

    This doesn’t really have anything to with the mousetrap but somebody should’ve posted a mech shooting a litterer with a title of
    ” recycle or die “

  4. Jai

    I’m disappointed that there isn’t an army of Lilliputian LEGO minifigs surrounding the cage with spears (With ample use of the “screaming in fear” face). :)

  5. Sir Dano

    “If you follow the link you’ll get one photo of the trap with mouse inside.”

    My bad, too lazy to follow links.

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  7. diehardlegofan

    that is awesome. I like how you put magnets on the gate to keep the it closed.

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