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News: Traveller’s Tales Confirms LEGO Batman: The Video Game

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Traveller’s Tales, the makers of Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy are now one brick of a larger company, Warner Bros. Interactive. However, don’t worry about this changing their focus from brickology, because WB has them hard at work on their next game, Lego Batman: The Videogame. Most of the details, much like Batman’s true identity, are currently unknown about the game. It’ll release sometime in 2008 on the current and previous consoles, as well as PC.

Sweet! Or rather, w00t! ;)

BrickFest PDX is just around the corner!

Both Josh and I are headed to BrickFest PDX 2007 in Portland, OR this coming weekend. This is my second convention in less than six months, but I’m told that NWBrickCon and BrickFest are two very different events. I can’t wait!

(BrickFest 2005 photo from the Washington Post in Dan Rubin’s Flickr photostream.)

If you’re a reader of The Brothers Brick and will be attending, let us know and be sure to say hello if you see us! As I did for NWBrickCon last October, also I created a BrickFest Flickr group. Join up and add your photos from past ‘Fests, as well as the one coming up this weekend.

Back in the USSR

I believe one of the privileges of this blog is that you’re allowed to post your own stuff. I’d like to think this one would have made it without it being mine but you can be the judge(s) of that. As such I present a Moscow in the 80s diorama by me. I’ll spare the details here but would like to hear back from anyone who has visited Moscow to let me know how accurate I’ve managed to be.

Stephen Hawking by Ochre Jelly

Ochre Jelly (MOCPages, blog) apparently caught a piece of science celebrity news that I missed. Eminent physicist and A Brief History of Time author Stephen Hawking will be taking a ride on a plane that will help him experience weightlessness.

To commemorate this extraordinary man and his extraordinary moment, OJ has created a “miniland” scale version of Prof. Hawking:

Stephen Hawking

Be sure to check out Ochre Jelly’s MOCPages entry, where you can see Prof. Hawking riding around the surface of Mars, Prof. Hawking orbiting the Earth, and (I wouldn’t expect anything less from OJ) a 3D stereogram of the world’s favorite wheeled physicist.

Nute Gunray by Moko

Though nearly everybody has used the head from Frankenstein’s Monster as Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray’s head, everyone seems to struggle with his headdress/hat. Moko also says he struggled, but I think Nute’s pointy hat thingie turned out rather well:

And a bonus Episode I minifig — a Naboo Security Force soldier:

See all of Moko’s Star Wars minifigs in his Brickshelf gallery.

New Exo-Force Alternate Model “Naoe-Force”

Japanese hobby magazine Figure King has featured alternate models for Exo-Force sets ever since the theme was first released in Japan, and the alternate models have been fairly popular with Japanese LEGO fans (at least the ones with blogs I read).

Anime director Shoji Kawamori has designed two “Van-Force” models, which you can read about and see pictures of here on The Brothers Brick. All along, Mr. Kawamori has worked with Japanese Master Builder Kazuyoshi Naoe (who also worked on the Pieces of Peace exhibit).

The latest issue of Figure King includes the following new alternate design, titled “Naoe-Force”: