New Exo-Force Alternate Model “Naoe-Force”

Japanese hobby magazine Figure King has featured alternate models for Exo-Force sets ever since the theme was first released in Japan, and the alternate models have been fairly popular with Japanese LEGO fans (at least the ones with blogs I read).

Anime director Shoji Kawamori has designed two “Van-Force” models, which you can read about and see pictures of here on The Brothers Brick. All along, Mr. Kawamori has worked with Japanese Master Builder Kazuyoshi Naoe (who also worked on the Pieces of Peace exhibit).

The latest issue of Figure King includes the following new alternate design, titled “Naoe-Force”:

3 comments on “New Exo-Force Alternate Model “Naoe-Force”

  1. smcginnis

    I’m not generally a big fan of Mecha, as they seem rather impractical to me, but this is really good. Scrolling down the page, it wasn’t until I noticed the studs on the black wing-things that I realized it was LEGO. I thought it might be reference model of some sort at first.


  2. SGuado

    I absolutely love alternate exo force models. Is there a good place to find more or to find pics of these models from Figure King that are mentioned?

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