Nute Gunray by Moko

Though nearly everybody has used the head from Frankenstein’s Monster as Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray’s head, everyone seems to struggle with his headdress/hat. Moko also says he struggled, but I think Nute’s pointy hat thingie turned out rather well:

And a bonus Episode I minifig — a Naboo Security Force soldier:

See all of Moko’s Star Wars minifigs in his Brickshelf gallery.

7 comments on “Nute Gunray by Moko

  1. Dunechaser Post author

    Jordan, I appreciate your enthusiasm and all your comments, but please read the posts instead of just looking at the pictures. As the post text says, this is by a builder named Moko, not by me (the person who wrote the post). So, like I said about Louie, I wouldn’t necessarily know.

    But I do happen to know, since I’ve done this myself, so I’ll answer you anyway. ;-) Minifig hands have a little band around the wrist that just fits into another hand. It’s a fragile connection, but it will hold long enough to take a picture like this.

  2. Jordan Sanders

    I didn’t know how to edit but Dunechaser,

    I knew it wasn’t you who built these but I just thought you would know how to build it. Thanks though.

  3. Jordan Sanders

    I knew Moko made the figs I just thought you would know how to make it. Thanks though.

  4. Dunechaser Post author

    You can’t edit comments you’ve posted, but I can. ;-)

    Ah, I see that you said “How do you”, not “How did you” — an important distinction that I missed. Sorry for jumping down your throat like that. (It’s been a long day.)

  5. Jordan Sanders

    Its allright. Sorry about the double post. Do you think I should get the mars mission collection? I like the design of the sets and I ordered # 7699 already. what do you think?

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