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Earth Park by Sachiko

Back on the old blog, I posted a couple times about a series of TV episodes in Japan called “LEGO King Championship.” You can read more about the show here, and see a YouTube video here. Unfortunately, the images I linked to in my original post quickly expired, and the YouTube footage doesn’t do justice to the creations.

After a very long wait (well, I’ve been waiting), Sachiko Akinaga has uploaded a great set of pictures that show off the “Earth Park” that won her the title of LEGO Champion:

Click the image for the full gallery on Brickshelf.

Up a hundred stairs and through a gate...

I can’t count the number of Shinto shrines I visited growing up in Japan. I visited plenty of shrines in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, but my favorites were always the small shrines tucked into a grove deep in a forest or perched atop a tall hill. No matter what one’s religious alignment, I don’t think it’s possible not to feel the pervading sense of peace and holiness in these beautiful, tranquil places.

Brickshelfer Paul Donis evokes a mountainous path leading to a shrine with his “Torii gate”:

(Via VignetteBricks.) a good way...

LEGO Ambassador, Classic-Castler and LEGO builder extrodonaire Nelson Yrizarry has done it again and created his own new subtheme: CheeseBots. Wallow in it’s cheesy goodness, and check out the intergration of yellow minifig accessories, including mugs, lifes vests, jackhammer, goblets and more. His constuction techniques aren’t bad either. ;)