The Kraken Awakes!

I have been meaning to blog this for a while and finally got myself in gear!

Paul Brassington has created a true masterpiece! Not only are his building skills something to die for, but he has taken great shots of the entire scene. Also, check out the nifty video of the flailing tentacles!

See his website here!

3 comments on “The Kraken Awakes!

  1. DrPaleoPhD

    I HAVE to blog this myself!

    MAybe Lego can produce this one themselves, what do you think?

    Beats the slightly disappointing Aquaraiders squid. I’ve wanted a Kraken for so long–before the official Vikings release date I sent them an email telling them that they had to have one, but alas ! they did not.

    But anyways have you seen my newest MOC, though? I’m back publishing after a while of a hiatus. Check it out!

    Thanks for posting!

    Dr. Paleo / Histo-Sci

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