News: PicToBrick mosaic software now available

TBB received a message from LEGO Ambassador Juan Macias yesterday with a link to the Web site of a new LEGO mosaic tool, PicToBrick by Tobias Reichling and Adrian Schütz:

PicToBrick converts digital pictures to a format you can use to create mosaics. For LEGO fans, the software offers several cool features, including color and brick type selection.

To learn more about PicToBrick, read the full LUGNET announcement, or head on over to the English or German version of

Tobias and Adrian are releasing PicToBrick under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License. In addition to executables that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, they’re making the source code available. Since they’re releasing PicToBrick as “donation ware,” if you like PicToBrick, be sure to support Tobias and Adrian! :D