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Bruce wondered what ayucow’s recent, rather strange “Wagiri” vignette might mean. Here’s the vignette in question:

I wasn’t sure myself, so I checked out ayucow’s blog post, where he tries to explain:

This was my entry for the 5th Odaiba Click Brick Building Contest. It’s the sort of creation that causes one to struggle when asked “What is this?” If forced to answer, I would say, “After cutting a top sirloin or pork roast into thick slices, you’re all fired up and exclaim, ‘For dinner this evening we eat meat! Yay!'”

(The term wagiri itself simply means “cut in a cross-section” or “sliced in the round.”)

LEGO MINDSTORMS Vending Machine by Ricardo T.

I’ve seen lots of cool creations on the various LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT blogs I read, but none of them compares to this working vending machine built by Ricardo T.

A few of my favorite features:

  • Working coin detector that returns correct change.
  • Five-key keyboard that supports input to order 57 different items.
  • Password-protected coin drawer.
  • Fanta! :D

(Read more in Portuguese on Forum0937, and in English on Ladrillitos. Thanks for the links, Juan Macias!)


Elio brings us a ship he calls the Outrider. He does some interesting angle work on it – something I’d wish more builders would dare try their hands at. This makes the ship feel new and daring – a step away from the usual if you will – which more than makes up for some minor flaws it has (I’m not that fond of the engine, for instance).

Elio has put up two galleries of the model, with different lighting conditions.

Earth Park by Sachiko

Back on the old blog, I posted a couple times about a series of TV episodes in Japan called “LEGO King Championship.” You can read more about the show here, and see a YouTube video here. Unfortunately, the images I linked to in my original post quickly expired, and the YouTube footage doesn’t do justice to the creations.

After a very long wait (well, I’ve been waiting), Sachiko Akinaga has uploaded a great set of pictures that show off the “Earth Park” that won her the title of LEGO Champion:

Click the image for the full gallery on Brickshelf.