LEGO MINDSTORMS Vending Machine by Ricardo T.

I’ve seen lots of cool creations on the various LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT blogs I read, but none of them compares to this working vending machine built by Ricardo T.

A few of my favorite features:

  • Working coin detector that returns correct change.
  • Five-key keyboard that supports input to order 57 different items.
  • Password-protected coin drawer.
  • Fanta! :D

(Read more in Portuguese on Forum0937, and in English on Ladrillitos. Thanks for the links, Juan Macias!)

4 comments on “LEGO MINDSTORMS Vending Machine by Ricardo T.

  1. Ricardo

    It’s a pleasure seeing my MOC around in several blogs :)
    Many thanks, Juan Macias! I liked the part of Fanta! :D

  2. Jüri

    This is just awesome! But I wouldn’t like to have it at home and there’s two reasons for that:
    1) I’d eat too much
    2) I’d steal some bricks from it from time to time for some new Lego creations! :P
    But the work done is great, awesome, marvellous!

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