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Vampire’s castle

When we featured Castor Troy‘s collection of Vampire Hunter steampunk vehicles back in June, the French builder was still hard at work on the centerpiece, the Vampire’s castle. Well now the diorama is complete! And what a whopper this impenetrable-looking Gothic masterpiece is…

“Airship, Airship, AIRSHIP!”

Continuing my Steampunk vibe from earlier in the week, here’s the mother of all LEGO airships by French builder Castor Troy

Now a mothership is nothing without proper air and ground support. Fortunately, Castor has already thought of that. Say hello to Vampire Hunter …which incidentally sounds like the perfect premise for LEGO to use if they ever wanted to get into the Steampunk game!



Apparently these are part of a much larger Vampire Hunter project that will include a French chateau, haunted house, and plenty of hunters. Look out for that some time next year. In the meantime, keep your holy water and silver bullets handy. And wooden stakes. And garlic. Ok, did I forget anything? And hand mirrors. And crucifixes…

An expressive vampire

rack911 thinks his vampire is cute, but I find it a little disturbing (but in an enjoyable sense).


LEGO vampire Jack-o’-Lantern

LEGO’s North American Community Coordinator Kevin Hinkle participated in a recent Halloween contest at work. The pumpkin-decorating contest required participants to include at least five LEGO elements. Kevin’s pumpkin uses the design from the recent Collectible Minifigure vampire.

LSI- Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2011

I like how Kevin left the edges “rough,” as though the vampire painter minifig actually painted it.

Brides of Dracula

This scene, by Teruel211, actually creeps me out. I think it is the feeling of suspense and the sense of anticipation among the vampires. Notice there is virtually no gore in this? Many people try to build a scary scene by including blood and gore everywhere. That never works for me because the action has already happened. It’s the suspense that gets to me.

Brides of Dracula 01

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s vampires in space

Thankfully, Jerac has a fleet of very tiny ships, led by the cruiser Van Helsing, to hunt them down and stake their ice-cold hearts.

(Via Brick Blogue.)

Boktai Vampire Hunter Creations by Inhert

Brickshelf user Inhert has been building quite the collection of vampire hunter creations based on the Game Boy Advance game Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django.

I like Inhert’s “Tools of the Trade” (ignoring the chopped up Castle spear for the moment; but hey, it does make a good stake):

Check out the vampire hunter himself, using Moko’s articulated legs:



Name: Desmodus
Mission: To rule the night.
Origin: A criminally insane “subject” was injected with the irradiated saliva of the vampire bat.
Evil superpowers: Flight, invisibility, drawing strength from the blood of his victims.