“Airship, Airship, AIRSHIP!”

Continuing my Steampunk vibe from earlier in the week, here’s the mother of all LEGO airships by French builder Castor Troy

Now a mothership is nothing without proper air and ground support. Fortunately, Castor has already thought of that. Say hello to Vampire Hunter …which incidentally sounds like the perfect premise for LEGO to use if they ever wanted to get into the Steampunk game!



Apparently these are part of a much larger Vampire Hunter project that will include a French chateau, haunted house, and plenty of hunters. Look out for that some time next year. In the meantime, keep your holy water and silver bullets handy. And wooden stakes. And garlic. Ok, did I forget anything? And hand mirrors. And crucifixes…

2 comments on ““Airship, Airship, AIRSHIP!”

  1. legonoob78

    This need to be put into LEGO IDEAS, ASAP!!!
    They could easily use the molds from Monster Hunters to produce this line. A Steam Punk line is something LEGO needs and the public really wants.

  2. anonymous bob

    This is totally a reblog– it’s been on the French-language Lego blog Brickpirate for ages now. Go check it out. Except I’m too lazy to find the URL so you have to find it yourself. But don’t take my word for it!

    That being said, a good number of readers probably don’t know French, and a good steampunk build is always appreciated. Love everything about these builds…

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