Evolutionary Craft: The Eclipse Starfighter

I don’t find as much time to build now as I’d like, but it sure is fun when I finally get around to finishing a model. My latest inspiration was the Starfighter Telephone Game, a flickr social game. It’s a building game where each participant is mailed the previous player’s ship and then builds an evolution of it to mail to the next player. I’m taking part in the latest round, and when my turn came up, I was excited to receive Aaron William’s sweet yb-E ship.

The result of my efforts is the Eclipse Starfighter. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use the trans-red corner panel as the windscreen, and fitting it into the ship proved to be challenging. Incorporating the rotating wings for landing, which are locked together and pivot when the engine is rotated, introduced me to using worm gears to lock the wings in place. By using a worm gear, the movement is unidirectional, so that turning the engine moves the wings, but you can’t turn the wings to move the engine.

Eclipse Starfighter
Eclipse Starfighter

And here’s the ship next to Aaron William’s yb-E.

Eclipse Starfighter

3 comments on “Evolutionary Craft: The Eclipse Starfighter

  1. SorinO

    Looks great! Can you share any more details/photos of how exactly the worm gear works in this model, or point me in the direction of the resources you used to learn about them? Thanks!

  2. Simon

    Those rotating engines are super nice Chris!
    You’re seriously making me want to rip out the interior of mine and retro fit it with some cool play features :D

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