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Creator Expert 10256 Taj Mahal, LEGO’s 2nd biggest set ever [Review]

Last month we announced that LEGO is re-releasing the iconic 10189 Taj Mahal set as Creator Expert 10256 Taj Mahal.  There was a mixture of surprise, pleasure and dismay at this announcement, depending on your ownership of the original 10189 and whether the re-release could affect your “investment” or your ability to finally afford this iconic set. Taj Mahal is the second-largest LEGO set of all time with 5,923 pieces, and is available beginning today in LEGO stores and from the LEGO Shop Online for $369.99 USD / £299.99. It is rated as 16+, reflecting the size and nature of the set as a display piece rather than any technical challenges when building.

10256 Taj Mahal

10256 Taj Mahal

In contrast to some recent re-releases like UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 or UCS Death Star 75159, this is not a re-modeled set but a pure re-release of the same set under a different set number. Let’s take a quick look at the two sets for comparison, as there are a couple of differences worth highlighting.

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LEGO 10256 Taj Mahal, 2nd largest set of all time, is now available [News]

Almost a decade after the first version hit shelves, the new 10256 Taj Mahal is now available to order from the LEGO Shop online or at your local LEGO store. The Taj Mahal was the largest LEGO set ever released until the new edition of the UCS Millennium Falcon unseated it last month. This re-release of this Indian icon includes 5,923 pieces (one more than its predecessor) and is priced at $369.99 USD.


The original Taj Mahal still commands a premium on the secondary market, though news of its re-release has cut prices more than half since it was announced (from $3,000 USD to $1,350 for a new, unopened set). LEGO’s alleged recent focus on reclaiming some of the secondary market is having a noticeable effect.


Additionally, if you order today (Cyber Monday), the LEGO Shop Online has a few remaining Black Friday sales and freebies, including several discounted sets, 40254 Nutcracker with purchases over $99 and a branded shopping bag with purchases over $199, while supplies last.

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LEGO to re-release 5,923-piece Taj Mahal on Cyber Monday 2017 [News]

Today LEGO is announcing that the iconic 10189 Taj Mahal will be re-released as Creator Expert 10256 Taj Mahal. Formerly the long-time record holder for Largest LEGO Set until being dethroned a few months ago by the new UCS Millennium Falcon, this set is still the second-largest LEGO set of all time with 5,923 pieces and will be available on November 27 (aka Cyber Monday) in LEGO stores and from the LEGO Shop Online for $369.99 USD.10256_Box1_v39

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