A garden invader of the most adorable kind

Remember those awesome little buffalo from a short while back? Or these even tinier ones a little further? They were a product from the brilliant mind of Jens Ohrndorf. And now Jens is at it again with another adorable animal: a mole! No buffalo this time, but we are equally impressed with the latest creation.

The best part of this cute build is probably the use of the magnifying glass to make a little ring around the eyes. It works so perfectly it even gives the creature the appearance of whiskers. I wonder if it’s also a play on the fact that moles have pretty poor eyesight.

3 comments on “A garden invader of the most adorable kind

  1. Jekub

    I’m sure, that this is ‘the little mole’ (in Germany “der kleine Maulwurf”)a well known figure by czech author Zdeněk Miler. Most little kids in Germany know this mole, and yes, he uses tools like a shovel, a watering can or an umbrella.

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