How to build your own pocket-sized Taj Mahal [Instructions]

LEGO currently has two display models of the iconic Taj Mahal available to buy. One that is massive and expensive, and new one that is smaller and more affordable. If you’re like me, poor and easily scared by any number over the £50 price tag, you start wishing for LEGO to produce more and more small microscale builds. Luckily, Luis Peña built a tiny Taj Mahal consisting of just 80 pieces, and small enough to fit in your pocket!

LEGO Micro Taj Mahal

The build is simple and uses white, tan, and gold pieces common enough to be found in most LEGO sets. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer any fancy building techniques. I particularly love the way Luis attaches the angled corners of the mausoleum using a simple SNOT technique. I also like how the four small domes fit into the stud notches of the main dome. That’s using the irregularities of LEGO elements to their advantage!

LEGO Micro Taj Mahal

Check out more creations by Luis Peña – including plenty of small builds that also have instructions!

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