The cuddly king of the north

I realize polar bears are an endangered species and killing machines, but can you blame me for wanting to pet one? Especially so after seeing this extra cute LEGO recreation by Jens Ohrndorf. The build expresses a lot of character and that is not just a consequence of using the eye tiles. The subtle angle of the neck and the shaping of the back are very characteristic for a polar bear. It is a feat of photography that Jens made the bear not blend in with the ice base under it.

Icebear 2.0The builder calls the photo on his Flickr Icebear 2.0, because it is actually a remake of an older build. The older version is well worth taking a look at, but the improvements in the updated build are quite obvious.

4 comments on “The cuddly king of the north

  1. Håkan

    Hmmm, yeah, I figured it could be an orca, but then the size is way off, and the colors don’t seem to match any of the common seals in the area…

  2. Håkan

    Jens Ohrndorf states on his Flickr himself, that he tried to make a penguin, though. I guess he lives to far South to be fully aware of the local fauna…

  3. Purple Dave

    It’s a weird thing, but when I was in Alaska, I don’t recall seeing _any_ penguin merchandise. On the other hand, the Snowy Owl (indigenous to the Arctic) has become a periodic sight in Hawaii, so it’s not impossible. Just ridiculously unlikely (the Snowy Owl has yet to continue to the trek to the Antarctic

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