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Now that is a serious bunker-buster

If you are going to war, I can think of no better soldier to have on your side than this mighty war machine by Stephan Gofers. The overall structure reminds me of Bertie the pipebomb bot, but on a much more intimidating scale. Not only is it packing some serious firepower, but in a pinch, it could probably stomp your little pillbox bunker flat with one foot. Aside from the behemoth bot, the truck in the background, as well as the vegetation are all very nicely detailed.


Enjoy high-stakes dining at the High-Rock Café.

If you’re a weary ocean traveler in need of food and refreshment, the High-Rock Café is to place to go. Stephan Gofers has crafted a cozy seaside eatery and balanced it precariously on a twisted hunk of rock, rising from the sea like something Dr. Seuss has drawn. While this makes for a great ocean view, we imagine the motorized windmill can cause the place to shake a bit on the edge of that crag. But, hey, you’re an experienced sailor. You’ve got your sea legs. And if you drink a little too much and can’t make it back down the rickety steps on your own, the staff will be happy to lower you to your boat in the crane.

High-Rock Cafe

The Medieval Speed Shop for all your horse and wagon needs

Any car enthusiast knows that the Speed Shop can be a vital place to give your car that extra bit of oomph. Sometimes just a little more horsepower or even flashier rims will do it. Even a new air freshener can turn your ride from a zero to a hero. (Thanks, Vanilla Ice!) But LEGO builder Stephan Gofers has your solution for when you had a need for speed back in the horse and carriage days. This Medieval Speed Shop has everything we look for in a great LEGO creation. It has neat colors, nice parts usage, awesome build techniques, and also goats. Did I mention before that goats equal the formula for success here at Brothers Brick? I’m pretty sure I did. This isn’t the first time Stephan tickled our fancy. Check him out in our archives.

The Medieval Speedshop

The beauty that lies beneath the plank

This gorgeous LEGO diorama by Stephan Gofers shows us the ocean’s full depth, from the vivid coral reefs below the waves, to the sleek 3-master sailing on its surface. The pirate crew has captured a hapless guard, forcing him to walk the plank. In no short order, he’ll be admiring the fantastic marine life from a much closer vantage point, and since he’s not wearing handcuffs, we can assume he’ll swim safely to shore to become a new castaway.

Pirates a Go-Go

While the colorful reef draws the eye first, the ship itself is a lovely model, eschewing LEGO’s pre-made ship hull elements and instead opting for a planked-look made of brown tiles and curved slopes. The furled sails made of curved white slopes also look excellent. Continue reading

All aboard for some hot steamy action

Two builders who go by the names of Brick Rebel and Monstrophonic have put their noggins and considerable skill together to build this exquisite Steampunk city layout called LEGO Steam Company. What is Steampunk exactly? It’s a sci-fi sub-genre that takes into account if H.G. Wells and Jules Verne were right about their Victorian-Era visions of the future. Zeppelins, steamboats, copper robots and steam-powered trains abound in this genre where everyone from an airship mechanic to the mayor look fantastic in a top hat and copper goggles. The builders tell us this layout features an array of moving elements including a steam power plant with tall chimney, the Steam Rail (moving train/monorail), skyscraper with functioning elevator, the Department of Dirigibles (with working revolving door and searchlight on the roof), a ‘flying’ zeppelin with whirling rotors and cabin lighting. There is also a city park with a botanical garden, a restaurant with robotic waiters and various other buildings and figures in Victorian Steampunk style.

Lego Steam Company - Steampunk layout 2019 - Main

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