All aboard for some hot steamy action

Two builders who go by the names of Brick Rebel and Monstrophonic have put their noggins and considerable skill together to build this exquisite Steampunk city layout called LEGO Steam Company. What is Steampunk exactly? It’s a sci-fi sub-genre that takes into account if H.G. Wells and Jules Verne were right about their Victorian-Era visions of the future. Zeppelins, steamboats, copper robots and steam-powered trains abound in this genre where everyone from an airship mechanic to the mayor look fantastic in a top hat and copper goggles. The builders tell us this layout features an array of moving elements including a steam power plant with tall chimney, the Steam Rail (moving train/monorail), skyscraper with functioning elevator, the Department of Dirigibles (with working revolving door and searchlight on the roof), a ‘flying’ zeppelin with whirling rotors and cabin lighting. There is also a city park with a botanical garden, a restaurant with robotic waiters and various other buildings and figures in Victorian Steampunk style.

Lego Steam Company - Steampunk layout 2019 - Main

This shot features the aforementioned working Steam Rail and just one of many steamboats.

Lego Steam Company - Steampunk layout 2019

And this shot portrays just some of the busy street-level hustle and bustle of LEGO Steam Company.

Lego Steam Company - Steampunk layout 2019

This was featured at LEGO World Utrecht in The Netherlands and the beauty of this is all the moving elements can be controlled by the public by means of a Power Functions remote. We’ll be eagerly watching their flickr photostreams as the builders tell us video of this Steampunk city in action will be coming soon. We recommend you do the same.

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