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Herding goats by the Sha’jara tree

Famed LEGO builder Andreas Lenander tells us that a new parts order just came in and so he decided to build this neat little scene. But the question is did he order tree parts or goat parts? While the tree is certainly not without its charms, goats are a pretty penny on the interwebs. They are also the formula for success here at The Brothers Brick. Here’s the proof. Still, that tree though. It’s almost tempting enough to maybe modify my all-hail goats stance. What do you all think? While you’re mulling that over check out why we think Andreas Lenander really floats our goat.

Herding goats by the Sha'jara tree

Got your goat right here

LEGO has released a lot of great minifigure-scaled animals over the years, but one of the rarest is the humble goat. Released in only one set,  2011’s 7189 Mill Village Raid, it currently commands an aftermarket price that is frankly kind of silly.  Richard Young (IamKritch) has a suggestion – why pay high prices for a single piece when you can make a giant brick-built version for a fraction of the cost? Built for the  “Going Big” category of the Summer Joust competition, this oversized darling makes great use of curved slopes to accurately mimic shaping of its smaller counterparts. We just hope it’s friendly.

A Large Goat

Want more goats? Sure, we all do. No kidding, go check our archives. Or maybe opt for a recently released set with slightly smaller brick-built alternatives.

How the other half lives

These amazing brick-built trophies by Markus Rollbühler are for the winners of “The Rich and the Poor” category of the Brickscalibur castle-themed LEGO competition. What is so striking is the many layers entwined in these two figures. From a purely aesthetic approach you can marvel at the creative use of brown scarves for crumpled pant cuffs, the One Ring to accent the boots or the pearl gold beard plate for some dazzling epaulets. From a metaphorical perspective, appreciate the contrasts: the goat as a helper vs the goat as a pet. The gold coming from the land vs the gold coming from currency. Then notice what each man extends in their hand and think of what they are plotting. Whoa! Sorry to get so deep there but I can’t help it with such a great build. 

Brickscalibur 2021 Trophy: The Rich and The Poor

A Roman border tower keeps an eye on them goats

Whether it be the great natural color scheme, fantastic textures or intricate shapes, there’s a lot to love about this Roman border tower built by Ben Tritschler. But the star of the show, to me anyway, has to be those goats. Clearly I’m not the only TBB contributor thrilled by goats. However, I do seem to be the most vocal about it. What can I say? Goats are pretty much the formula for success around here. Even when they’re scary as hell. I may consider also going gaga for those sheep. They are not without their charm. As a LEGO builder, Ben is also not without his charm. Check out our archives to see what I mean.

Roman Border Tower

The Medieval Speed Shop for all your horse and wagon needs

Any car enthusiast knows that the Speed Shop can be a vital place to give your car that extra bit of oomph. Sometimes just a little more horsepower or even flashier rims will do it. Even a new air freshener can turn your ride from a zero to a hero. (Thanks, Vanilla Ice!) But LEGO builder Stephan Gofers has your solution for when you had a need for speed back in the horse and carriage days. This Medieval Speed Shop has everything we look for in a great LEGO creation. It has neat colors, nice parts usage, awesome build techniques, and also goats. Did I mention before that goats equal the formula for success here at Brothers Brick? I’m pretty sure I did. This isn’t the first time Stephan tickled our fancy. Check him out in our archives.

The Medieval Speedshop

Whatever floats your goat

If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost plenty of sleep wondering if there will be goats in outer space. Thankfully, Andreas Lenander has built a LEGO diorama that ought to squelch our nocturnal worries. It’s a rather neat Goat Transport Facility on Epsilon IV that uses robots and other science-y stuff to make sure the future and outer space still have these lovable and occasionally delicious creatures around to chew your socks or whatever. Amazing details abound whether they be the repetitive use of ingots, well placed tire rims or flex-hoses. My favorite part would have to be the adorable goats in their own floating hermetically-sealed containers. You can say the containers are…totes-ma-goats. Tee hee. Hah! Am I right, people? Hilarious, right? No? OK, I’ll just let myself out. Sorry.

Goat transport - Epsilon IV