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Now that is a serious bunker-buster

If you are going to war, I can think of no better soldier to have on your side than this mighty war machine by Stephan Gofers. The overall structure reminds me of Bertie the pipebomb bot, but on a much more intimidating scale. Not only is it packing some serious firepower, but in a pinch, it could probably stomp your little pillbox bunker flat with one foot. Aside from the behemoth bot, the truck in the background, as well as the vegetation are all very nicely detailed.


Enormous Zorin from Walking War Robots in LEGO form stands nearly as tall as a person

If you have stayed up to date with The Brothers Brick the past few days, you may have noticed we have featured quite a lot of mecha recently. But if you thought you’d seen it all, I have news for you, because what we have here is the largest dose of mecha you have probably ever gotten in one go. Taking inspiration from the videogame Walking War Robots, iomedes! creates the most iconic mech available in the game in LEGO at a mind-boggling scale, standing nearly five feet tall at the tips of its guns.

ZORIN (зорин) class heavy bot "Butch Bunny"

All the conventional techniques and rules of mecha building go out the window at a scale like this. Joints which would mostly be a few pieces allowing for articulation and covered by a panel or two simply would not cut it in this creation and are rather replaced with complex brick-built domes and arches. Continue reading