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It’s best not to lock horns with this one

The Lamprima Adolphinae, AKA the Sawtooth Stag Beetle, is something you were not even thinking about less than a minute ago but, now that it’s here, you have to admit is pretty amazing. That is the magic of a LEGO builder like Lokiloki29; one minute life is business as usual and the next you’re marveling a strange beetle. Loki squared times 29 tells us that the Sawtooth Stag Beetle is native to New Guinea and uses its formidable mandibles for fighting. Logic states, and it should go without saying, that while in New Guinea, you shouldn’t get into fisticuffs with it while at a sports pub or something but, judging from the comments we see around here from time to time, logic has left some of you ages ago and you’d relish the opportunity to pick a fight with anything and everything offering even the slightest whiff of provocation. Prove me wrong, you weirdos!

Lamprima  Adolphinae

Ride the Walibrick Roller Coaster. What can go wrong?

Sometimes you just gotta throw caution (as well as your hair and face) to the wind and strap into a single reptile-themed roller coaster car and let gravity and evolution do the rest. That’s exactly what’s going on here with lokiloki29’s new LEGO creation. I like that the coaster car’s face looks just as scared and exhilarated as its rider. Will it go well? Magic 8-ball says “Reply hazy, try again”. While we mull over that vote of confidence, check out our lokiloki29 archives to learn why Loki squared x29 both exhilarates us and scares our sensibilities sometimes.

Walibrick Roller Coaster

In the Super Mario universe, the mushrooms are not fun guys

What do people have against mushrooms? I love them, but I had a roommate at college who flatly refused to eat them as they “taste like dirt”. I reckon it’s a case of Goomba-induced PTSD – to be fair, these little walking mushrooms can be a real nuisance in the Super Mario games. Lokiloki29 has paid tribute to this under-appreciated foe with this frankly adorable LEGO Goomba. They’ve perfectly captured its cartoonish likeness. Sure, he looks grumpy, but wouldn’t you be if there was an Italian plumber constantly trying to stomp on your head?


A busy blacksmith burns his bacon.

Builder lokiloki29 has crafted a tribute to home cooks throughout history with this scene of a blacksmith letting his pork dinner go up in smoke. Who doesn’t know the struggle of enduring a too charred meal because some household chore distracted you for too long? The build is filled with delightful details, from the cobblestone floor made from wheels to the forced perspective castle in the distance. And it all comes together for a grade-a piece of storytelling worthy of a chef’s kiss.

Kitchen Knightmares - The distracted blacksmith

This rover has got us pumped.

In 2007, LEGO released the Mars Mission sub-theme for their Space line. One of the major gimmicks for that line was a series of pneumatic tubes that minifigures could travel through. This was accomplished by propelling them with a blast of air provided by a sub-theme-specific giant pump. Those pumps must now be sitting unused in collections around the world. Surely it’s too specific an item to make use of when you’re not constructing a tube-based travel system. “Not so fast,” says lokiloki29. This is the EOS-BA Discovery Rover, and it makes use of four of those pumps to create a set of over-sized wheels that look ready to tackle numerous alien terrains.

EOS-BA Discovery Rover

Considering the limited connection points that the pumps provide, this vehicle is an out of this world accomplishment. The vehicle contains a fully functioning interior, and even includes a mini vehicle that can deploy to travel through those smaller spaces the larger rover can’t quite handle. And, although it is crewed by a more traditional team of astronauts, I respect that the rover homages the Mars Mission sets with its pops of orange against the largely white color scheme.

EOS-BA Discovery Rover

Rarin’ to go

Despite the great variety of LEGO tensegrity builds lately, almost all of them seem to have a few traits in common. In particular, most builders have “explained” the chains and string that connect the base to the hovering elements in similar ways. Either the connection is designed to look like it’s pulling the top section straight down, or it’s minimized to try and enhance the sense of gravity-defiance. What I like about this build by lokiloki29 is that the design of the connections implies obvious motion away from the center of the build. The 10-SGTY Racer feels like it’s trying to escape, and is being barely held in place by the tie downs. The result is a very dynamic build.

10-SGTY Racer (tensegrity)

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the racer stands alone as a quality spacecraft build. Technic panels and curved slopes in medium azure give a sleek bit of contrast to the bright-light-orange of the quarter-arch bricks. I also like the ring of 1×2 tiles that match that arch. There’s some clever building with lightsaber hilts going on there.

10-SGTY Racer (tensegrity)

I think it’s also a nice touch that the pilot has a big grin on their face. After all, I imagine flying a racer like this would be quite the joy.

Another day at the market of tomorrow

Even though we don’t have hovercars yet, we can still imagine a world where scenes like this one, by lokiloki29, of a farmer taking his wares to market in a floating carriage, pulled by a robot horse, are as common as rain. Tha bot-horse has some great details, like the subtle angle of the head, and the multi-jointed legs look almost insect-like. The carriage is the perfect blend of sci-fi and historic, with that brown railing and reigns for the bot.

Market vendor

TBB cover photo for April 2020: Everyone’s First Lab

This months cover photo is a cozy looking bedroom by lokiloki29 is a very comfortable and fun place to hang out for a growing young adult. The detailing in (and outside) the room is not only made up of LEGO accessories but also micro-builds that fit the theme and scale so perfectly.

The space shuttle on the shelf and the plane immediately jump out of this diorama, but some favorite aspects are Timmy’s Mario bedspread and that microscope utilizing 2x connector pegs with knob to create the eyepiece of the microscope, simple yet elegant. You’ll also not the variety of trophies above his bed, Timmy must be a great scholar. Can’t wait to see Timmy’s grown-up lab once he’s learned the secret of LEGO plants.

Timmy's lab

Want to see your own LEGO creation featured across TBB social media for a month? Then read the submission guidelines and submit your photo today. Until next time, stay well and be safe, and practice social distancing whenever possible as we need it now more than ever!

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Mobile Suit Gumball

You ever have one of those days when you mention something in idle conversation, and suddenly every site you visit online is advertising a related product to you? I have, and it’s downright creepy. But you just know retailers are looking for even more invasive ways of getting their products in front of you. And, unfortunately, I think we may be getting a glimpse of that future right here. Taking inspiration from pixel artist Kenze Wee’s Cyberpunk vending machines, LEGO builder lokiloki29 has created a futuristic drone that combines convenience with an unsettling feeling of “buy or die”.

Mobile Vending Machine

Built at miniland scale, this creation looks completely plausible. The variety of products on display do look tempting, and Ninjago-sourced logos are right in line with the aesthetic. Cheery red domes and curves create the impression of a friendly gumball machine. My favorite detail, though, is minifig hammers as feet. Those dainty pads makes this whole thing seem cuter somehow. Maybe I will get myself a little treat from this scuttling nightmare that followed me home.

…and that’s how they get you, I guess.

This is why Roswell can’t have nice things

Farmers don’t seem to be the type who like to be messed with, but that doesn’t stop aliens from messing with them pretty much since man has learned to plant green beans. Lokiloki29 builds a micro-scale scene depicting the classic battle between hapless farmers and the alien invaders who are hellbent on doing weird things to their livestock and crops. The gravel road beside the barn is a whole slew of these laid in sideways while the dismembered minifig hands cleverly depicts a cornfield. While small, the tractor is accurately created using just a few parts. I’m pretty sure I saw that exact model on the John Deere website. I’m not sure what this poor farmer did to deserve a close encounter of the probing kind. But to our new alien overlords, I like my beef tenderized and singed with just a touch of pink on the inside.

Alien invasion