This is why Roswell can’t have nice things

Farmers don’t seem to be the type who like to be messed with, but that doesn’t stop aliens from messing with them pretty much since man has learned to plant green beans. Lokiloki29 builds a micro-scale scene depicting the classic battle between hapless farmers and the alien invaders who are hellbent on doing weird things to their livestock and crops. The gravel road beside the barn is a whole slew of these laid in sideways while the dismembered minifig hands cleverly depicts a cornfield. While small, the tractor is accurately created using just a few parts. I’m pretty sure I saw that exact model on the John Deere website. I’m not sure what this poor farmer did to deserve a close encounter of the probing kind. But to our new alien overlords, I like my beef tenderized and singed with just a touch of pink on the inside.

Alien invasion

3 comments on “This is why Roswell can’t have nice things

  1. Purple Dave

    _Most_ of the gravel driveway is 1×1 round tiles, including the entire part that the tractor occupies. The far right edge is alternating 1×1 plates and 1×1 round plates. The next row in is alternating 1×1 round tiles and another part that I can’t identify. I’ve ruled out headlight plates unless one stud was filed off of each one, and it’s also not 1×1 round plates (no visible lip). Whatever it is, it’s one plate thick but only about 3/4-4/5 studs wide.

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