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Chinook, RAF-style

Compiling lists of parts that people would like to see LEGO make is a popular pastime on LEGO-related internet forums. However, sometimes it is overcoming the limitations of the available parts that makes building with LEGO worthwhile and the end result remarkable. Case in point: this Chinook HC.2 built by Simon T. James, known in the RAF as a `Wokka’.

Chinook HC2: door-to-door delivery (9)

Like his Merlin (which was blogged here last year) he built it in dark green. This is a decent match for the colour the RAF paints its helicopters. The parts palette may be growing, but it is still a fiendishly difficult colour to build with and the `Wokka’ doesn’t have an easy shape to start with.

Get To Da Choppa!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve built anything with my own Lego, but I’m going to post something anyways. I built this light transport helicopter months ago, and have finally managed to get the photos together. I tried to spice things up with a little scene this time, although it may be too little for the helo.

Sparrowhawk Light Attack Helicopter 47

I’m a big fan of tilt-rotors, though I hear this is properly called a tilt-wing. Either way, the tilting adds a fun little activity, when swooshing this thing around.

Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 – world’s first production helicopter

Though not the sort of achievement that makes me proud to be human, the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 “Drache” (Dragon) was the first helicopter to enter production, though Nazi Germany was only able to manufacture about 20 during World War II. I had no idea it even existed until Aleksander Stein built one from LEGO.

LEGO Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 helicopter

Here’s Aleksander’s Fa 223 in action over southern Bavaria:

LEGO Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 with diorama

LEGO Technic RDA Samson battle helicopter from Avatar

This Technic version of the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson VTOL aircraft from James Cameron’s Avatar by Barry (barman) features so many working components it’s hard to list my favorites.

LEGO Technic RDA Gunship

With counter-rotating props, doors that open and close, and a central joystick that controls the angle of the props, you have to see the video to believe it:

Thanks for the tip, mahjqa!

Drone Combat Scout Helicopter 18

I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a real dark-bley building kick lately. That means I seem to just keep adding creations to the Iron Mountain Legion’s arsenal, which is starting to turn into a largish group. This time, it’s another dual-rotored helicopter. I just love this configuration, even if the blades don’t mesh.

Some may say that building all in one, neutral, color is “easy” and perhaps a “cop-out” to avoid having to think about color I say that while this may be the case, it still looks good. It also makes sticker usage come to the forefront, as that’s where most of the contrasting color (mostly white in this case) comes from. There is a little bit of yellow and blue on this sucker, but apparently none of the photos are of that side of the chopper.

Drone Combat Scout Helicopter 18

It also turns out that trying to photograph something with even a tiny bit of yellow on it against a yellow backdrop is a disaster.

6357 Redux

Set 6357 Redux by Mike Psiaki and me

I recently contacted Mike Psiaki about redoing my favourite childhood set 6357 in a modern and detailed form. He agreed and after much conversation, sharing of photos and work this is the result. The helicopter was mostly made by Mike and the truck by me but both were discussed at length to get them looking as good as we could manage. The trailer was a true combined effort with each of us contributing many ideas.

Mikes Steam Digger

Although Mike has been more busy building than me.

Iron Mountain Legion Attack Helicopter

Ever since I built this helicopter, I’ve wanted to build another meshed-rotor helicopter. I also wanted to combine the two windscreen pieces I used, before someone else beat me to the punch.

Iron Mountain Legion Attack Helicopter 7709

I built this to accompany the Iron Mountain Legion Tank, that I posted recently. Like the tank, this is destined for a diorama I’m working on with a friend, for BrickFair. Unlike the tank, this is motorized. In fact, I ran the motor for most of these photos, to try for a bit of motion blur, which I think worked out well in some shots.

A reminder, don’t forget to come check us out at BrickFair! We should have some awesome displays!