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It’s LEGO Nerf or nothing

Drawing inspiration specifically from the Nerf Elite line of foam dart blasters, Pistash has created his own LEGO Nerf gun. His model doesn’t appear to fire, but with its Elite color scheme and lines of texture breaking up bold shapes, it looks the part. In particular, I like the use of a ladder at the top, white rubber bands to suggest depth to the front dart holsters, and orange brick separators to texture the pistol grip.


A fireteam needs a Guardian to lead the pack

Destiny 2’s equal parts science fiction and fantasy allowed its artists to imagine some unique designs for its exotic gear. One such design is the sidearm Rat King, which has a relief of a pack of rats on the slide and a rat skull surrounding the hammer. Bryce Dempsey replicated this exotic pistol in LEGO, creating its slide and grip texture without sacrificing function.

Lego Rat King

Bryce’s Rat King features a moving slide, spring-loaded trigger, and removable magazine, all demonstrated in this video.

43-inch LEGO Destiny 2 D.A.R.C.I. knows so very well

Bungie must have had some fascination with sassy robots when creating Destiny 2. Your Ghost companion, the hunter Cayde-6 (voiced by the great Nathan Fillion), and Exodus Black’s AI “Failsafe” always have something witty to say. Even the sniper rifle D.A.R.C.I. has some shade for actions such as quitting multiplayer when your team is losing. The lore for D.A.R.C.I., as well as its interesting, blocky aesthetic and teal tubing inspired my latest LEGO replica.

D.A.R.C.I. - Destiny 2

The build measures over 43 inches long and weighs 9 pounds. It took almost three months to build, but this was due to building every other Saturday, when I would be home from school. For a while, I wanted to build a LEGO prop that utilizes teal elements. As most of the rifle is black, gray, and white, the teal and dark azure details really popped, as does the green scope screen. Despite the LEGO-like look to D.A.R.C.I., its build proved difficult in even spacing of its rectangular details throughout.

D.A.R.C.I. - Destiny 2

See its moving trigger, sliding charging handle, and removable magazine in action, as well as some D.A.R.C.I. gameplay for those unfamiliar with the game, in this video.

More photos of my LEGO replica are on Flickr.

Top 10 unbelievably life-like objects made out of LEGO

We’re all used to seeing boats, spaceships, and beautiful buildings made of LEGO, but what about the everyday mundane objects of our lives? A few incredible builders can make even ordinary objects look extraordinary, forcing you to look twice lest you be fooled into thinking it’s the real thing. Here at The Brothers Brick we love stuff like this, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the best real-life objects that we’ve featured in 2017.

This Ice Cream Sandwich and Orange Creamsicle by Carl Merriam, Niek, and Milan CMadge look so good that we already feel like it’s summer.

Ice Cream Sandwich and Orange Creamsicle

See more unbelievably realistic LEGO creations below

Brick-built gingerbread – easy on the eye, hard on the teeth

The decorations on these LEGO gingerbread treats are strictly-speaking more “placed” than “built”, but it creates a mouthwatering image all the same. Cecilie Fritzvold‘s simple little arrangement is by no means the most complex LEGO model we’ve ever featured, but it’s a brilliant creation all the same. Those white claw parts are spot on as icing, and “boat stud” tiles have never looked tastier!

Gingerbread cookies

Hear the high tone of the xylophone

This xylophone built by Pistash looks just like the real instrument some of us have grown up with. Although the brick-built version probably sounds different, it still has all the vibrant colors of this traditional toy. It’s shown that LEGO has really come up with a diverse palette that makes wonderful creations like this possible.


Care for some pupcorn, friend?

I think Dwalin Forkbeard has made the unluckiest BrickLink order of all time… but somehow he has put the dozens of Friends puppies to good use as popcorn… Or as Dwalin calls it, pup-corn? The creation is simple, but there is some subtle complexity in the lettering and angled cup walls. Couple that with excellent composition and photography and you have yourself quite the picture to look at.


If something doesn’t fit, just flip it over

Artisan Bricks brings back fond memories of happy times when nobody cared about graphic cards in their game consoles and the joy of wining was so sweet and simple. This very neat copy of a pocket Tetris game is a very simple built, but I really love the colourful shapes built with 1×1 plates, which look exactly like those back in 90’s.

Happy #childrensday from #Singapore! Here's a childhood toy that I built with a medium that also happens to be a childhood toy. Hands up if you know what this is! :) #tetris #brickgame #retro #eighties #artisanbricks #lego

LEGO camera is a huge success

A year on from building a remarkably accurate LEGO version of a vintage camera, Milan CMadge does it again with this excellent rendition of a Leica III. The model features brilliant shaping around the top with all those buttons and dials, and nice intricate bits of detail, particularly around the lens.

Leica III

What might not be immediately apparent from the first photo is the scale of this creation — it’s absolutely enormous! The large-scale allows for the use of black quarter-circle tiles in the creation of the realistic texturing around the camera’s body. To give you a clear idea of quite how big this thing is, check out this fun image…

Leica III

The chirping of the birds, announcing spring

I am not sure whether Kai NRG lives in the southern hemisphere or not, but spring is starting for some people out there and this creation of a mother bird feeding its baby definitely captures the feelings of the season.

Bird's Nest

Kai says the bird is some sort of lark, but he could not get the colours of the feathers accurate enough. There are some interesting part usages in the baby bird, but even more so the elephant tail/trunk pieces used as the nest (a requirement for the ABS building contest, for which this creation was built). I have mixed feelings about the tree though. On one hand, the leaves are, understandably, not perfect and the textures may be a bit too intense. On the other hand though, the very idea of building a segment of a tree in 1:1 scale and the complex shaping and angles involved are very impressive.

Practice shooting targets with a working LEGO Desert Eagle

As a LEGO weapon builder myself, I know how difficult it is to construct a gun model that fires projectiles and manages to look the part. However, YouTuber Snyzer_Tech makes it look easy with his functional Desert Eagle replica. Though it looks a bit flashy in custom-painted gold, his magazine-fed, brick-shooting handgun is impressive in both form and function. Watch Snyzer light up some brick-built targets in this slick two-minute video.

Wearable LEGO Star Wars Jango Fett helmet

Lego Admiral continues his impressive series of wearable LEGO helmets with a build of bounty hunter Jango Fett’s helmet from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The builder continues to refine his techniques since constructing his Darth Vader helmet replica, nailing the dome shape on top, the iconic T-shaped visor slot, and indented cheek plating. The fold-down rangefinder is a nice touch.

Wearable Lego Jango Fett Helmet

Lego Admiral shows the Mandalorian helmet is not only screen accurate in the bricks, but is also wearable.

Wearable Lego Jango Fett Helmet