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Master carpentry, realised in Lego

You’d be forgiven for thinking Ted Andes’ latest build looks out of place here on TBB. That is until you study the image further and realise Ted has brought LEGO into the home furnishing arena with this side table and its contents. The table itself is a wonderfully designed build that looks like a realistic Walnut or Mahogany wood with a delicate black finish to the table top. The legs capture a delicate, carved, curve and are then braced to add to the stability of this table with additional subtle detailing along the legs.

End Table Ensemble

I’m in awe of the engineering that has gone into creating the perfect circle of the table’s rim and legs through the use of expertly layered plates and tiles to achieve the correct curvature and strength.

The lamp looks to have found the perfect spot too, placed atop the table, amongst the other items on display. The lamp shade is carefully constructed to capture the round end result too, using a Teepee canopy piece, adding a flourish of Native American detail for decoration on the lampshade. And let’s not ignore the power cord falling over the edge of the table too, constructed from tails and Technic connector pieces.

Prairie Style Table Lamp

You can explore the remaining contents of the table from when we looked at these in an older post here. I’m hoping Ted doesn’t stop here, and that this inspires more builders to come up with ingenious LEGO builds that look perfect in any home.

Old habits get a new life in brick form.

In the Grammy-winning “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, Will Smith famously sang, “Ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba. I just bite it. It’s for the look, I don’t light it.” And, just like the Fresh Prince, Ted Andes likely knows that a lit cigar can be the source of numerous health issues. So, Ted has constructed a cigar and accessories that provide the old-school Hollywood mogul look without the risk of contracting throat cancer. The realistic wisp of smoke that Ted achieved might make you do a double-take, but rest assured everything in this photo is 100% LEGO. Although, come to think of it, biting a LEGO cigar might not be entirely healthy, either. You could break a tooth.

Stay Classy