Father, son, and House of LEGO

It may not be Gucci but it’s still got plenty of style and class. This fashionable bag built by Chi Hsin Wei is full of style in a fan-favorite color. Sandgreen is a perfect choice for the majority of the bag, while gold clamps and buckles are accented by bars of red and black. The builder shows off some customization using bag tags, Dots bracelets, and a bandana. I’m not sure if that cloth is “legal” but it certainly compliments the bag well. Real-world objects turned into LEGO models have become a popular selling point for our favorite brick manufacturer. From shoes to guitars, they’ve been taking the “Rebuild the World” motto pretty literally. Here, the builder did an awesome job addressing the shaping and accenting details of the bag, producing a luxurious style product with character and elegance.

Lego Fashion Bag

The other side features a few more means of personalization in the bag. The SHIFT key and the color scheme makes me wonder if we aren’t looking at mostly repurposed parts from the LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter set. The builder’s choice to feature DOTs pieces works as a perfect example of their use in larger builds.

Lego Fashion Bag

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