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A picturesque bowl of tasty noodles

This soba noodle bowl looks so good it’s hard to believe it’s made of LEGO! This creation comes from builder John Snyder for the annual LEGO contest RogueOlympics hosted by Roguebricks. John started with an idea for how to build the radish slices, and the rest came together from there. Bicycle wheels inserted into inverted radar dishes comprise the bright radish slices. Arm pieces from the LEGO Friends toy line make up soba noodles, which is a pretty cool use of parts I haven’t seen before. Even the chopsticks are brick-built! Of course, part of what makes well-crafted food look so good is the plating, and John doesn’t disappoint. The color balancing stands out, allowing the eye to pass over each part of the soup in a wonderful flowing movement. I don’t know about you, but now I’m hungry!

Soba Noodle Bowl

We’re pumped to see this soap dispenser

I don’t know about you, but soap and hand sanitizer have become a huge part of my world over the last two years. Which makes this creation by Woomy World even more impressive, because I have gotten to know pump-action dispenser bottles better than I ever wanted to. And this one is barely recognizable as LEGO.

Soap Bottle

Obviously the setting for the photo helps, but the details here are immaculate. The inverted hot air balloon shape replicates the kind of decorative bottles you can find for sale in almost any big box store. And the real accomplishment here is the dispenser itself. An old Gallidor shield makes for a spot-on nozzle, and Woomy World has even engineered a near-perfect spring-action pump. Check it out in action. (To make sure you watch the gif long enough, sing “Happy Birthday” twice.)