Building Scrabble words with tile-built tiles

Squint and you might think the only thing LEGO about this elegant build from Galarie d’Antha is the word spelled across the tile rack. Antha created these giant-sized scrabble tiles for a typography challenge at the BrickPirate forum (a venerable haven for francophone builders). As a Scrabble player with no less than four sets in my collection, I appreciate the classic wooden tray design with the little lip for holding the tiles upright, and the tiles look so real I can practically feel my hand rummaging through a bag of them. Of course, my Scrabble brain looks at those sets of letters and screams that brand names are not legal plays, and HOLE or HOG would both be worth more points. And even if you could play LEGO legally, my AFOL brain bristles at the idea of someone trying to pluralize it with an S. You know what’s a great Scrabble word? BRICK. 13 points, or 36 points on your first play.

Giant Scrabble - One word to win

5 comments on “Building Scrabble words with tile-built tiles

  1. Luna

    lol! I’ve noticed it too, but I’ve been lurking here for years myself without commenting, so I figured that at least they contribute in some way. I guess the rest of us should just be more active and try to balance it out with some positivity. Here, I’ll go first: I like that we now have such a variety in rounded bricks and tiles that we can make some nice soft shapes when needed, making the hard edges seem more deliberate at the same time. It goes well with lettering like this. :)

  2. hntrains

    If you are bothered by “LEGOs”, that is because you need to look into how languages work some more; that is to say, it is not individuals (people like you and me or companies) who decide, it is the masses. Thus, people own Porsches and Nikes and buy, and play with, LEGOs (heck, I am old school: it’s “legos” for most people); period!
    From a distance, these letters do look good; they would be perfect in a world of Scrabble-playing giants.

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