The Kollecta by Karf Oolhu

I don’t even know where to begin with how and why I love this crazy giant caped robot grim reaper scientist park stroller thingy by Fedde (Karf Oolhu). Obviously it made me think of a lot of things, intentional or unintentional. I especially like the contrast between the yellow flowers and the stark black of Continue reading →

Karf is going to blow up your planet

This ion cannon by the industrious Fedde (aka Karf Oolhu) is nothing to sneeze at. This monster space gun is packed with all the cool bits that make this something to see! Thanks to David for the heads up!

It’s like microscale, but turned down to -11

Nanoscale — taking microscale building and shrinking it further. Karf Oolhu takes teeny-tiny city building to the extreme with this lovely little creation. There’s an impressive amount of texture and detail on these buildings, especially when you consider the entire model occupies a footprint of only 3 x 3 studs! Particular kudos should go to Continue reading →

Flee this encounter? Yes please

Karf Oolhu proves once again he’s the master of combining random parts to create models that manage to be somehow both funny and sinister. This peculiar skeletal figure lurches from the darkness, tentacles and wings poking out of its robe, an obsidian dagger strapped at its waist. Karf says we need to submit to it. Continue reading →

All your tiny space base are belong to us

Karf Oolhu does it again with his unique blend of stripped-back style and clever parts usage. The little flyers are lovely, but the highlight of the show is the pyramid structure built with old-school printed logos.

Microscale plane gets props for its props

Karf Oolhu is the busiest builder I follow. My Flickr stream is regularly filled with his latest creations – always fun, always imaginative, and often packed with interesting parts use. This cute little plane and hangar is no exception… Look at the propellers. LOOK AT THE PROPELLERS. Ice skates in control lever bases, clipped onto Continue reading →

Crawler Trawler

Continuing with our tracked theme for today, I present the hilariousness that is Karf Oolhu’s Crawler Trawler. As Fedde explains, “Impractical, but once I thought of the name, I had to build it.” I am glad you did Fedde, because this sort of absurd cuteness is just the ticket to kick us into the weekend.

“Isolation is not good for me.”

We might as well build a casita out on the TBB back-40 and install Fedde (Karf Oolhu) as one of the blog’s Artists in Residence. By my count, and admittedly math was never my strong suit, the self-styled “Reformed Cthulhu” has appeared 20 times on TBB as of this posting. The model is typical Karfian Continue reading →

Rover 6-Pack

Its Friday night in Las Vegas, and this six pack isn’t going to drink itself. Enjoy this sample of rovers from FebRovery 2013. Mickey’s Lunar Cheese Rover by Karf Oolhu (In his house at R’lyeh, dead and dreaming.) Pinktron Rover by nolnet Easy Rider by Pasukaru76 Rendezvous with otherworldly girl by the oneman. NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic Continue reading →


Fedde (Karf Oolhu) is no stranger to unusual minifigs (too many links, just flick through his pages) but his hedgehog heads stand out as both creepy and oddly plausible. I can really see an army of these people.

Code brown

No explanation needed. Hopefully this vignette by Felix Greco (gipmetro) puts a smile on your face, which I can’t say so for the nurse minifigs. And as per Nolnet’s suggestion, here’s another funny hospital vignette by Fedde (Karf Oolhu). Listen to Nurse Kelly: bend over and drop them.

Beautiful Plumage

This may be a small creation, but this latest by Karf Oolhu wins a lot of points for creativity. He’s made very creative use of the strange options available for connectivity on the very strange headdress piece.