“Isolation is not good for me.”

We might as well build a casita out on the TBB back-40 and install Fedde (Karf Oolhu) as one of the blog’s Artists in Residence. By my count, and admittedly math was never my strong suit, the self-styled “Reformed Cthulhu” has appeared 20 times on TBB as of this posting. The model is typical Karfian boilerplate that elicited many cries of NPU!” on Flickr. There are currently 2,966 in his stream (the vast majority are LEGO realated), and 1,803 models have been placed int the LEGO Group on Flickr. While I realize that more doesn’t necessarily mean better, I can think of few builders who are as prolific and talented as Karf.


2 comments on ““Isolation is not good for me.”

  1. Karf Oohlu

    Thanks big time Keith, greatly appreciated.

    Though by my count, I’ve been here 45 times, an incredible number and never expected when I first started posting. But doubt I’ll ever get near the astounding Legohaulic. Ruler of the site, and my favouritest builder ( after you : D )

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