Microscale plane gets props for its props

Karf Oolhu is the busiest builder I follow. My Flickr stream is regularly filled with his latest creations – always fun, always imaginative, and often packed with interesting parts use. This cute little plane and hangar is no exception…

The little plane...

Look at the propellers. LOOK AT THE PROPELLERS. Ice skates in control lever bases, clipped onto seat backs. Undoubtedly an illegal connection (as in a combination the designers of official LEGO sets would not be allowed to use) but utter class all the same.

1 comment on “Microscale plane gets props for its props

  1. Karf Oohlu

    Thanks heaps for that Rod, haven’t been around here for awhile…see you guys put up new drapes, good, those old ones were getting smelly I thought : D

    And yeah…that was a very illegal, but happy connection.

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