Code brown

No explanation needed. Hopefully this vignette by Felix Greco (gipmetro) puts a smile on your face, which I can’t say so for the nurse minifigs.

And as per Nolnet’s suggestion, here’s another funny hospital vignette by Fedde (Karf Oolhu). Listen to Nurse Kelly: bend over and drop them.

12 comments on “Code brown

  1. Mad Czech

    Yecch! What has been seen cannot be unseen. Think I’m gonna have to put TBB on the back burner for a couple days until this pic makes its way down to the bottom of the page.

  2. Felix

    Its the unfortunate reality of nursing. My fiance counts a day good or bad based on the number of code browns. My intent really wasn’t to be gross, just give a laugh to the folks who do the job we wouldn’t want to.

  3. buriedbybricks

    Easily the most disgusting thing I’ve seen all day, well done!
    The day is young…

  4. legomaniacman

    Aww dang it lol I looked at the nasty poo :(

    2nd picture is funny (1st one is too) the guy has a needle sticking out of hit butt :P

  5. Creative Anarchy

    The Rubber band pants are kind of awesome. Very simple but they convey the idea of pants around ankles really well. At some point I’ll have to steal that.

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