Joe versus the Volcano

Since it’s totally lacking a description of any kind I can’t say much about Bryce McGlone’s plans for this volcano. But what ever they are (if they are) I feel certain they’re going to be great.

Bryce dropped me an email explaining a bit more about this excellent MOC. It’s actually a collaboration between him and Brandon Griffith (icgetaway) and was made for the Sarah Connor Chronicles (“It is on screen for about 2 min right at the start of Season 2, Episode 20(I hope)”). So not only is it awesome, it’s also famous.

I’ve never seen this type of landscaping before but I’ll certainly be copying it.

4 comments on “Joe versus the Volcano

  1. Black Six

    That was a great scene, and not only because it involved Bionicle.

    You should also try to find some of the other things he built for the show, which were even more impressive – unfortunately I can’t find any pictures offhand. I love Bryce’s building.

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