LEGO Star Wars 10212 Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle due out September 2010

Unveiled at Brickworld earlier this evening, 10212 Imperial Shuttleicon brings large-scale models back to the LEGO Star Wars line.


The set includes 2,503 pieces and 5 minifigs, and will cost 260 USD. As always, I’ve upload all the official photos to a photoset on Flickr:

LEGO Star Wars 10212 Imperial Shuttle LEGO Star Wars 10212 Imperial Shuttle

Here are the official details from The LEGO Group:

10212 – Imperial Shuttle™

Ages 16+. 2,503 pieces.
US $ 259.99 CA $ 309.99 UK £ 239.99 DE 259.99 €

The elegant Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle™ transports the Empire’s elite and the occasional secret strike team of Rebel commandos all across the galaxy. Now you can build this huge and iconic Star Wars™ vehicle in true minifigure scale for the first time ever! The Imperial Shuttle is authentically detailed with rotating double laser wing cannons and a four-seat cockpit. This Ultimate Collector’s model features an opening canopy, detachable landing gear, a stand for display in flight or landing modes, a labeled display plaque, and gear-driven folding wings with removable activation keys. Completed model measures 28″ (71 cm) tall on stand and 22″ (57 cm) wide with wings deployed. Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader™, Imperial Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker™.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader™, Shuttle Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper™ and Luke Skywalker™.
  • Features rotating double laser wing cannons!
  • Open the cockpit roof to access the interior and seat the minifigures inside!
  • Wings fold up and down by turning 2 keys on rear of model!
  • Model can be displayed on landing gear or landing gear can be removed to display in flying mode!
  • Includes display stand, name plate and label sheet!
  • Measures 28″ (71 cm) tall on stand and 22″ (57 cm) wide with wings deployed!

LEGO has also released another video diary from the set designers:

Finally, Nannan is on the ground representing The Brothers Brick in Chicago, and shot this video after the unveiling:

15 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 10212 Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle due out September 2010

  1. lotonah

    Great. I really appreciate having to pay an extra $50 because of my Canadian bragging rights. WTF! The dollar is $0.97 U.S. right now and has been around there for weeks.

    Get it together, dammit!!!!

  2. David4

    Right because $260USD isn’t outrageous enough. I rather buy a Mindstorm, or both new trains with that price. Sheesh. It looks nice, but it’s not THAT nice.

  3. Wusmand

    While the Clone Wars sets are okay, I LOVE the classic star wars universe. Probably won’t get it, but its great eye candy

  4. Starwars4J

    This is a beautiful set, one that I’d love to own but they lost me at the price for this one. Normally larger sets tend to be good on the parts to price ratio, but not in this case. Not even an exclusive minifig or part, though as a parts pack it wouldn’t be bad at a much lower price.

    The playability is nice, I kinda guessed the wing functionality when I first saw the leaked images yesterday, but it’s really fun.

    Just kinda makes me sad that this set doesn’t even have the fig contingent of Imperial Inspection. Beautiful set, but not worth it to me.

  5. dmac

    You know, David4, some people say that 10 cents per part is a bargain. Especially for a Star Wars model, since Mr Lucas grabs loads of money for each and every set sold.

    About the minifigs – would it make sense to repeat the same scene (Imperial Inspection)? Well, somehow I’m certain that just as many potential buyers would be against it.

    The $30 windshields will still be expensive, since they are trans-clear and the new ones are trans-black.

    A 110% model. I like the sound of that :) .

  6. happywaffle

    The windscreen is too small compared to the “actual” thing: But I don’t blame them for not constructing a giant windscreen piece.

    I’m also a bit disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a loading ramp for Vader to walk up and down.

    On the other hand the construction of the wings is very impressive for how big and stable they are.

  7. Rocko

    I love the concept of these larger scale models like the Falcon that include minifigs. The price is just a tiny bit above what I can afford but I might try and scrape together the change out of my couch for this one. I would love to see them do this with an AT-AT.

  8. Danjorock

    Great idea to do this as it compliments the millenium falcon for scale. But its half the amount of parts but nearly two thirds the price of the falcon and i understand that UK is higher in prices but to be £65 more than in the US seams a little to high, with £65 I could got a lot of star wars Lego even at UK prices..!

  9. Creative Anarchy

    It’s great looking. It may be the most SNOT I’ve seen in an official set ever, certainly the engineering on those giant wings is impressive. But it’s crazy expensive for lower part count and very little funcionality. I’m inclined to hold off any kind of buy decision until I see more of the model but from just this $260 is a lot to ask.

  10. DamienPS

    I’ll bet that I’m going to hate what the AUD price for this will be since it was over $900 for the UCS Falcon.

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