Rover 6-Pack

Its Friday night in Las Vegas, and this six pack isn’t going to drink itself. Enjoy this sample of rovers from FebRovery 2013.

Mickey's Lunar Cheese Rover
Mickey’s Lunar Cheese Rover by Karf Oolhu
(In his house at R’lyeh, dead and dreaming.)

Pinktron Rover
Pinktron Rover by nolnet

Easy Rider
Easy Rider by Pasukaru76

Rendezvous with otherworldly girl
Rendezvous with otherworldly girl by the oneman.

NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic
NCS Vacuumat-Rovermatic by halfbeak.

FebRovery 2013
And finally, a FebRovery 6-Pack would not be complete without something from Crimso Giger. You still have a little time left to get in on the action, if you’re so inclined.

2 comments on “Rover 6-Pack

  1. crimso giger

    A great space beer – Thanks Keith !
    Just for the record, the amazing Karf “Cheese Rover” was build in 2011, and not for FebRovery : I had invited it to the group because as you’ve noticed, it’s totally cool :-)

  2. Karf Oohlu

    And just for off the record, I don’t mind it being shown off here – in fact very happy for it.
    Big thanks Keith, Oh Golden Man : D

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