Maple Syrup =/= Mecha

Japanese builders make mecha like Canadians make maple syrup. Now I don’t think mecha would taste nearly as good on my waffles, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t love them equally.

Flickr user Dak Yuki proves my point with his Armored Core:


Be sure to browse through the full photoset for all the cool poses & other goodies

NOW the question is whether mecha would taste good with maple syrup???

Cheers to Stijn & Peter for the heads up

3 comments on “Maple Syrup =/= Mecha

  1. zane houston

    I kind of wish the original model didn’t have that boob-gun; it seems so… in the way. Nevertheless, give credit to Dak for his attention to detail, this is an awesome build!

  2. zane houston

    Yeah, I guess it just depends on everyone’s preferred style. I can just imagine wearing one and thrusting my chest at things to shoot them haha

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