If you’re going to create a portal, make sure you know where you’re going

Escaping from a space worm through a portal leads to trouble in this humorous build by Victor.

The portal drew him onward

Infinity beckons in Andreas Lenander’s atmospheric LEGO creation

Your very own mini portal for your daily commuting

Sheo. shows us how a dozen tails and claws become a tiny piece of magic design

Mining with spaceships and portals

Everybody likes a good Classic Space model, and this crystal mining diorama by Brick Knight has all the right details. From the characteristic grey-blue colour scheme with yellow and black stripes, to antennas and recreations of vintage sets, all placed on a tan landscape, just like the box arts of the 1980s. The cracks filled Continue reading →

Amazon Sales include Star Wars, Portal 2, Fantastic Beasts and More! [News]

Check out this week’s LEGO sales from Amazon. Included are sales on sets from Star Wars and Ninjago, as well as a large assortment of discounted LEGO Dimensions packs! Captain Rex’s AT-TE is 25% off, currently listed at $89.99.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device in LEGO

Leonid An is running awesome building experiments on some of the new parts. The result is this gorgeous handheld portal device from the Portal video game. I am guessing this build started with the white large figure armour piece, which has the same shape as a part of the original portal gun. However, the rest Continue reading →

Portal to a lost world

What exotic destinations would you choose to visit if you had a portal through time? Piotr Machalski selected the Mesozoic Era for this startled minifig who’s unfortunately come face-to-face with a venom-spitting Dilophosaurus. Good thing he brought a turkey leg! Piotr’s cleverly-built time machine looks a bit like a cross between a Stargate and the Continue reading →

Portal 2 Stop Motion

Alex Kobbs (Kooberz) is no stranger to LEGO stop motion films. His works have been featured here in the past. His latest film based on the Portal 2 video game has just become public. If you like it, be sure to cast your vote in the Machinima Interactive Film Festival. Be sure to check out Continue reading →

Portal on CUUSOO

I have seen a lot of discussion with respect to CUUSOO, in particular in terms of licenced themes, but generally about feasability of the entire program. Everyone obvioulsy has their own opinions, but personally I think the program is brilliant. We have to keep in mind that this is all in Beta right now and Continue reading →

Portal 2 test chambers in Lego

These two recent Portal 2 test chambers by Haypro (above) and [LJ] (below) shows off the dilapidated testing environment that many players of the game found memorable.

Portal 2’s Chell and companion cube in Lego

Tyler (Legohaulic) built Chell and a companion cube from Portal 2 to go along with his Lego Atlas and P-Body.

LEGO GLaDOS from Portal 2

Brandon Bannerman (Catsy [CSF]) built the humorously homocidal GLaDOS from Portal 2, who’s probably going to test and kill some minifigs in the name of science.