Your very own mini portal for your daily commuting

It took me a moment to recall a round printed LEGO piece that Sheo. used for the whirl in the centre of this portal in his latest creation. And then it hit me — it’s a very nice use of dinosaur tails and small claws! The final result is a wonderful example of negative space done right with LEGO pieces. And now it’s not the minifigure in front of the portal, but the builder who is the true wizard.


3 comments on “Your very own mini portal for your daily commuting

  1. Purple Dave

    The long red bits are the longhorn steer horns, not the dinosaur tails. I’m not sure the dino tails would have enough space, and for sure they wouldn’t look as nice as the S-curve of the cow horns.

  2. Håkan

    Ah, red longhorns were produced for several Ninjago sets, I see, so they’re not particularly rare.

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