Mining with spaceships and portals

Everybody likes a good Classic Space model, and this crystal mining diorama by Brick Knight has all the right details. From the characteristic grey-blue colour scheme with yellow and black stripes, to antennas and recreations of vintage sets, all placed on a tan landscape, just like the box arts of the 1980s. The cracks filled with green minerals break up the landscape very well, but the main focus is obviously in the sci-fi elements like space stations, spaceships and most notably the round portals. The builder explains the diorama as an uninhabited planet where the Classic Space explorers discovered a new energy source and are mining it for its engineering uses.

Tregatis VI Mining Operation-1

Portals, reminiscent of those in Stargate, facilitate instantaneous travel.

The mysterious green minerals fill cracks throughout the base. A robust mining operation is underway to break through the surface and extract the minerals.

The base includes accommodations in the form of large portable pods with airlock doors.

The smaller ground vehicles can be taken inside for maintenance.

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