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You’d probably expect a lot of the posts on a LEGO website like The Brothers Brick to be about LEGO, and you’d be right. If you’re browsing this page, you might want to consider narrowing what you’re looking for by checking out categories like “Space” and “Castle.” We’re sure there’s something here that’ll fascinate and amaze you.

Old habits get a new life in brick form.

In the Grammy-winning “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, Will Smith famously sang, “Ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba. I just bite it. It’s for the look, I don’t light it.” And, just like the Fresh Prince, Ted Andes likely knows that a lit cigar can be the source of numerous health issues. So, Ted has constructed a cigar and accessories that provide the old-school Hollywood mogul look without the risk of contracting throat cancer. The realistic wisp of smoke that Ted achieved might make you do a double-take, but rest assured everything in this photo is 100% LEGO. Although, come to think of it, biting a LEGO cigar might not be entirely healthy, either. You could break a tooth.

Stay Classy

In the land of Mordor, where the Shadows lie

When Frodo and Sam approached Mordor, they felt a great dread about land of the dark lord Sauron. LEGO builder Hubba Blöoba has captured those ominous vibes with this fantastic microscale model of the Black Gate, where the hobbits snuck into Sauron’s wasteland. Beneath the gathering stormclouds, the eery glow from Mount Doom is excellently portrayed with a gradient of plates. The shallow depth of field used in photographing this mini model puts the tower of Barad-dûr out of focus, making the scene feel even more realistic.

#4: The Black Gate

Tatooine is shown through the ages in this Star Wars skyline build

This fantastic digital display by BenBuildsLego depicts some classic locations from the Star Wars movies and is built in the style of the skyline architecture sets. Starting from the left, podracers are zipping past the stands, which have seats represented by tiled slope pieces (AKA Cheese Graters). This is followed by the Lars’ family homestead, with a Sandcrawler looming in the background and even an adorable version of Luke’s speeder. Jabba’s domed palace stands on a rocky cliff face, with a barrel piece portraying the building’s round base. Finally, Jabba’s sail barge hovers over the tentacles of the Sarlacc pit, ready to drop prisoners into the horror below.

LEGO Tatooine Skyline (Update)

The new LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga release date announced [News]

According to the announcement that just appeared on LEGO social feeds, the long-awaited LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is coming on April 5th. Along with the news, TT Games also shared several minutes of the gameplay with the new trailer.

The game will include over 300 playable characters, over 100 vehicles, and 23 planets to explore. You can pre-order the game today, and it is available for all the main platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was unveiled at E3 back in 2019 but was soon delayed until Spring 2021. After another delay in April 2021, the came is finally coming this year.

The Moby Dick of honey bees

I wonder if there is a beekeeper equivalent to Captain Ahab, forever obsessing over one special white honeybee. Whoever that beekeeping Ahab is, they should look no further than this LEGO creation by Christian Lintan. My hunch says once discovered, this monochrome mech will put up a good fight. It might even make Beekeeper Ahab wish they would have pursued something less dangerous, like stamp collecting. I’m loving those Bionicle transparent wings though. If you enjoy LEGO builds with a monochrome palette, be sure to click the little blue link to see what others have done, including at least one entry by Christian.

Honey Bee Mech

That is one pissed off ogre!

As a kid I always had a very vivid imagination. So vivid that I was able to scare myself to the point where I was too afraid to go to sleep. This LEGO ogre by Peter Revan would surely be enough to cost me a good night’s sleep. I can also totally identify with the wagon driver as he looks quite stressed out and a bit scared. Which of course isn’t that strange since he most likely is the one who pissed off the ogre. Things that make this creation stand out are the amount of angles used to create the wagon. Thanks to all the slanted walls it doesn’t look like a box on wheels. Speaking of the wheels, even those are placed at an angle making the wagon look like it is really heavy loaded. Perhapst this little wagon chauffeur loaded his wagon full with valuables which he stole from the ogre. I could totally see why that would piss you off! The ogre looks like it is completely poseable and the face is worth a closer look. The amount of detail used to create the facial expression is just superb.

Don't piss off the ogre!

Hotdog buns for toes

One of the first articles I got to write about LEGO for TBB featured a brick built owl. It is safe to say that from that point on, brick built owls have a spot in my heart. After seeing this little cutie by Eli Willsea, I knew I just had to feature it. This forest critter has eyes that stare right in the deepest of your soul with their pitch black pupils and the vibrant yellow irises made out of lever bases. The only feathery parts that are used are the LEGO Chima wings around the eyes. For the most part curved slopes are used to build this animals body and wings. I would however like to highlight one special feature of this amazing build and that are the owls feet and talons. These are made with hotdog buns and black sausages.


See you, space elephant

Ah, Banthas. Glorious space creatures. Portrayed by elephants during the filming of Star Wars (1977) they serve as mounts for the fearsome Tusken Raiders, natives of Tatooine. And now they are ridden by a certain helmeted fan-favourite character, minus the helmet (and the character that never was.) This small desert diorama by KevFett2011 (no relation) showcases a scene from the first episode of new Star Wars series The Book of Boba Fett.

LEGO STAR WARS The book of Boba Fett: Chapter 1- Prisoner of the Tusken Raiders

Click to read more about this build (includes spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett)

What day is it? This puzzle has the answer.

After noticing a daily puzzle calendar, Aukbricks wanted one for themselves. But there wasn’t one to be found in any nearby stores. The solution was simple – build one out of LEGO!

Daily Calendar Puzzle

By arranging the colorful tiles in various configurations, you can leave the date, month, and day of the week displayed for any day of the year. Figuring out the exact configuration makes for a complicated way to start your morning, but it’s also an excellent excuse to procrastinate the start of the workday. “I’ll be there in a minute, boss…I just need to update my calendar.”

Daily Calendar Puzzle

A designer purse that will be all the rage next season.

LEGO is a medium that can bring anything you can imagine to life, from far away planets to mystical realms. But builders like Timofey Tkachev know that it’s often just as impressive to recreate the real world in LEGO form. Timofey has created a handbag from LEGO bricks that you could understandably mistake for the real thing.

1 Bag and stuff

Keep reading to get a peek at what’s inside!

Things are spiraling out of control for Spider-Man!

Lego_nuts has recreated this stunning scene from Spider-man: No Way Home. The world appears to spin as Spider-Man is chased by Dr Strange through a mirror dimension. The city has a great colour scheme, with hints of green and orange providing the city with a vibrant look. An interesting technique is featured on one of the buildings in the bottom left of the picture, where 1×1 plates have been used to represent window frames.

“Into the mirror dimension”

And how is the smooth curve of the city created? Train tracks! You can see the full build in the video below to learn more.

LEGO Ideas 21332 The Globe features a fully 3D spinning earth globe [News]

LEGO Ideas is spinning up to release the next set from the crowd-sourcing platform, 21332 The Globe. Designed as a traditional earth globe, the newest set is based on the project submission from fan Guillaume Roussel, where it reached the requisite 10k votes on May 1, 2020, and was approved to become a set in September of that year. The official set has 2,585 pieces and will be available starting Feb. 1 for US $199.99 | CAN $269.99 | UK £TBD. The 10-inch globe follows last year’s release of 31203 World Map in bringing geography-related sets to LEGO fans and features glow-in-the-dark tiles for labelling the continents and oceans.

Read the full press release and see more pictures below, and be sure to also check out our full, hands-on review of this set.

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