Iron Cross battleship by rack911

Even though LEGO has released ship hulls in other colors, it’s unusual to see fan-made LEGO sailing ships that aren’t brown. Haung (rack911) combines red hulls with light gray to create a battleship evocative of warships of the early 20th century. The round cannon doors, LEGO Castle minifigs, and the tall statue ahead of the Continue reading →

Rack911’s Sunset Castle reposes in glorious ruin

This gorgeous ruined castle by Haung showed up on Brickshelf‘s “Recent” page a couple days ago, so even though he posted it to MOCpages back in January, it’s definitely worth a blog now. A colossal statue stands guard over the entrance to a fully detailed interior: See more pictures in Haung’s MOCpages or Brickshelf gallery.

Happy Chinese New Year!

As OJ says over on The Living Brick, “The great thing about Japan and China using the same zodiacal chart but celebrating the New Year on different dates is that I get to do this twice!” Indeed. Schneider Cheung celebrates the Year of the Dragon with the most wonderfully sculpted Chinese dragon I’ve ever seen. Continue reading →

Depictions of the Chinese God of Wealth

I don’t know about you, but I got my red envelope on Chinese New Years a few weeks back. Here, two builders from Asia, rack911 and MrH have created the God of Wealth (財神). You can see the character 財, meaning wealth, depicted in both creations (in the latter it appears on the stand). Here’s Continue reading →