Rack911’s Sunset Castle reposes in glorious ruin

This gorgeous ruined castle by Haung showed up on Brickshelf‘s “Recent” page a couple days ago, so even though he posted it to MOCpages back in January, it’s definitely worth a blog now.

Ruined LEGO castle

A colossal statue stands guard over the entrance to a fully detailed interior:

Ruined castle interior

See more pictures in Haung’s MOCpages or Brickshelf gallery.

4 comments on “Rack911’s Sunset Castle reposes in glorious ruin

  1. Chrispockst

    There are so many subtle yet intricate details, really makes you appreciate the time and effort, great build

  2. Puddleglum

    For some reason every time I see this, even though it doesn’t quite fit, I think of the dying world of Charn from “The Magician’s Nephew”.

  3. Thanel

    Holy– um, cow!!! This is great. All the details showing both the decline and original greatness of the castle.

    Reminds me of the Crypta Balbi museum in Rome, which reconstructs the decline and cannibalization over the course of 1500 years of a small forum, theater and temple near the Largo di Torre Argentina. Medieval lime kilns built out of Roman marble sculptures etc.

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