By Jabba, this may be the tiniest throne room ever

Grantmasters builds an adorable model of Jabba the Hutt’s throne room that is so small yet so recognizable.

Seaside market is open for business

Stroll through the medieval hustle and bustle of Teabox’s seaside market.

Avengers, assemble!

Hachiroku24 assembles the team of Avengers during the Battle of New York

I’m on a boat!

“I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! Everybody look at Arjan Oude Kotte, ’cause he’s building a super boat.”

No matter your age, always follow your passion

Surf’s up! Age will not stand in the way of hitting the waves in this colorful scene built by vira-a-cocha.

New York’s elevated park the High Line comes alive in bricks

A glimpse of the past mixes with the vibrant present of this historic elevated park in New York in this lovely model by BKNY Bricks.

Take a ride on a flash of green and orange

Crsbyslsnateyng flashes his colors with a beautiful LEGO speeder bike.

Brickmania 1033 F-14 Tomcat Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor custom kit + NAS Miramar Action Pack custom minifigures [Review]

Highway to the danger zone! Brickmania has produced another massive jet fighter, the iconic F-14 Tomcat featured in Top Gun. Read our review to see if this custom kit can fulfill your need, you need for speed.

LEGO 80103 Dragon Boat Race set will be available all over the world starting June 1 [News]

With the recent changes in the company’s retailing strategy, LEGO 80103 Dragon Boat Race set will be available worldwide in just two weeks.

Robot rumble in microcity Meribia!

Marco de Bon’s city has been under construction for a year- only to be torn apart in seconds by sparring jaegers!

Rats and spiders and snakes, oh my!

A variety of phobias are on display in the frighteningly creepy vignette by Victor.

Weird Galidor bugs lurk in the dark

You’ll sleep tighter if you’d never seen this creepy creature by Ben Tritschler. But is it really better to be ignorant of what lurks in the dark?