That’s when an evil woman trapped him on the dark side of the moon

Nothing says “escape from reality” quite like Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Brothers Brick contributor Chris Doyle (@Whatevscj) teamed up with his wife Jennifer (@thepoisontart) to pay tribute to the maddest of the Mads – evil mastermind Kinga Forrester in LEGO Art Mosaic style.

Your favorite desk-mates

Joffre Zheng (@joffre_bricks) fleshes out some desktop favorites out LEGO bricks and pieces.

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in a galaxy far, far away

Simon Liu (@si_mocs) gives us a delightful twist on a Star Wars classic, just in time to deliver holiday cheer.

The Bug Knight won’t let the bedbugs bite. Or maybe he will.

Nathan Hake (@hake__makes) dazzles us with the Bug Knight. In his presence, we are like moths to a flame.

Get back you knobby white freaks!

First Order Lego (@firstorderlego) is killing it with the Star Wars creations, and Mando is killing the spiders

She thinks my tractor is...

Git ‘er dun with Johnathan Elliot’s tractor as it harvests food across the farm.

“Don’t ever ask me about my LEGO, Kay”

KitKat1414 leaves us with lots of questions but it’s probably well-advised not to ask.

Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, cyberpunk?

Dive into an immersive cyberpunk scene by CRCT Productions (@andrew_crctprod), but watch out for the speeders and dangerous folk with guns!

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for November 28, 2020

In this week’s Brick Report we see the reveal of the LEGO Modular building, review the Colosseum and Harry Potter mosaic sets, cash in on some Black Friday deals, check out a list of new sets coming in 2021 and more! Read on to get all the latest news,

A stilted domicile

Head for the hills, they said! No, head for the high ground! The guys in this crazy LEGO diorama by Andrea Lattanzio (@nortonsevenfour) did both!

Black Friday offers from LEGO specialist stores Citizen Brick and Brickmania [News]

Check out Black Friday specials from speciality custom LEGO stores Brickmania and Citizen Brick (while stocks last!)

He just wants to axe you a question

LEGO builder Matt Goldberg (@ballomnomnom) is no stranger to creative part usage. Scalesquire B. A. Konstrictor, here, is a good example of that. A Legends of Chima flywheel fairings for a face is just one of the details that caught our eye.