Today’s tiny houses, LEGO edition

Are you a tiny home kinda person? If so check out Patrick B.’s ( @balboa._ ) sweet microscale winter cottage.

Behind the scenes and details of the LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith with insights from LEGO Designers [News]

Inspiration and creation of LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith with tiny and hidden details from LEGO designers Wes Talbott and Austin Carlson

An esteemed member of Discworld’s Unseen University faculty

Eero Okkonen (@eerookkonen) strikes again with another recognizable Discworld character in LEGO form, the Senior Wrangler, Horace.

First official look at the LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith [News]

We get the first official look at the LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith.

It’s a cat-love-dog world?

Sebastian Arts shares with us a LEGO build with an unlikely friendship at its core – that of a cat and dog.

Keep hitting snooze, you lose.

Ted Andes on flickr shows us a familiar face with this LEGO model.

Cloudy with a chance of Minifigures

Flickr builder Hubba Blöoba invites to visit Middle Earth in this nifty little vignette. Minifigure torsos inspired this build, appearing as windows and…clouds? Sure, why not? Careful, though. This sort of creative part usage can be hobbit forming.

LEGO Castle collectable coin and display case now available for VIP Exclusive Rewards [News]

If you like shiny things, this coin is something you may want to add to your collection. LEGO VIP Exclusive Rewards now feature a Castle themed coin with a case to go along.

You, too, can fill your zoo with over 20 adorable animals!

Collect all of these cute LEGO creatures by using Koen Zwanenburg’s (@swandutchman) awesome, free instructions!

Quit whining. It’s fun to move to a new place. It’s an adventure.

Are you ready to be Spirited Away? @ryan_howerter is ready help to start the journey with this astounding recreation of the Red Gate. This is one of those builds that has you doing a triple take – but, yes, this all LEGO.

Building the Mighty Bismarck!

Admiral_Plackbar is ready to launch the fearsome LEGO Bismarck into the high seas!

Toy Story Funfair

@bricksized transforms the Toy Story theme into a western themed Funfair.